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Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Been a While Since I've Had Time to Post....

Well, I guess one should never joke about some things.....CPS for instance. In my last post I made a sarcastic comment about such things, and next thing you know, CPS is at my door...so I've been a bit busy. Someone called their hotline and made a false report about my family. The caller reported that we were living in tents with the children, and that there was no food, water, electricity, or heat available to them. Quite interesting. Even more interesting were allegations that we were allowing our children to be abused by strangers at the local American Legion post, where my family helps in the preparation and serving of a weekly community dinner. I also work there part time, as does my sister. This abuse supposedly took place right in the legion hall, in full view of 30 or so witnesses, the regular dinner crowd on Saturday evenings.

So, two investigators arrived at my home to do their duty. I gave them the grand tour, showing them that we all have roofs over our heads, there is 750 gallons of water on the premises, several generators, solar power, heaters of several varieties, and plenty of food. Even the family's milk goat is housed in a trailer...no tents here. So, given that 99 percent of the accusations on the list were proven far-fetched and clearly false within ten minutes of their arrival, one might reasonably expect that these people would move along their merry way. At this point, it would be obvious to anyone smarter than a box of rocks that this anonymous report was false and malicious, as are a full 80 percent of the calls placed to the Child Protective Services Hotline. Well, unfortunately, that's not what happened.

One of the investigators seemed quite determined to invent a problem, since the list he came with were clearly false. He informed me that I couldn't keep dogs in the house with children. I asked him if this was some new law that I was not aware of, and stated that if so, millions of Americans are in violation of it. And, our dogs are gentle family pets that the children love and would worry about were they to be left outdoors with the snakes, coyotes, and other hazards at night. He stated that even if they are gentle, they can bring germs and fleas into the house, and I would have to keep them outside. He informed me in a rather threatening tone, that of course, I had every right to ignore his “suggestion” at my own risk and that of my children. He also “suggested” that I should no longer have a camp fire in my yard, and stated that my practice of giving my two youngest children a bath....which they prefer....rather than a shower, was unacceptable, since our bathroom had no standard bathtub and I was bathing them in a plastic 20 gallon tote....which, by the way is safer, less slippery than a regular bath tub....and not against any law. In short, this man was determined to enforce his personal lifestyle preferences as if they were law, and he informed me that he would be back in ten days to see to it that his “suggestions” were implemented to his satisfaction.

Well, since my children happened to be out of town with family when this first visit took place, they had no hostages, leaving me free to fight this abuse of power. I called every politician and state agency between home and Washington DC to file formal complaints against this man. I contacted a lawyer for advice and guidance. I would have sought out support from local community members, but there was no need ....the community rallied behind us without being asked.

During this supposed “investigation,” no members of the community were contacted for information on how our children are cared for, nor was any inquiry made into the charges of abuse at the legion. If there were truly any questions remaining about these matters after the initial visit, it would seem quite logical that these steps be taken. I begged these people to speak to the community, do a REAL investigation......as these accusations were far too ridiculous to withstand even the most feeble attempt at finding the truth. I also refused to produce the children for interview until these steps had been taken. It seems that Anthony Ramos, the investigator on the case, was much more interested in inventing reasons to harass and intimidate my family than he was in doing a real investigation. It was never done. Finally, since the “investigators” refused to investigate, the officers of the American Legion post and my family arranged a meeting between community members, my family, and CPS workers at the legion hall. My children were interviewed and community members and legion officers spoke in support of us. We had to bring the witnesses to them, as they refused to do the investigation necessary to clear us.....and we have, finally, been cleared.

However, while CPS may finally be done with me, I have not finished my business with them. Anthony Ramos is a problem. I wonder, how would this “investigation” have turned out if I hadn't stood up against his abuse of power, or if I hadn't had the benefit of the strong community outrage and support in my corner? What would have happened if I hadn't called my senators, the governor's office, or any of the 20 other agencies I contacted? People were watching my case closely.....and CPS knew it. Would Letticia Garcia, the supervisor of this Ramos character, have been as willing to listen to my complaints without this publicity? I doubt it. My family is NOT the first to be subjected to the abuse of this man, and she still keeps him in her employ.

I wonder how many families have been bullied and intimidated by this man, or have even had their children removed from their home on the basis of his testimony. How many innocent families have had to tolerate CPS monitoring and jump through hoops for months or even years to please this little man on a power trip? He is clearly unfit to wield the immense power that CPS workers are given over the lives of the families they investigate or work with. And, while he is spending his time and taxpayer's money heckling families like mine, who have done nothing wrong, how many children who actually NEED help are ignored. I am driven to see to it that he is no longer in the position to abuse families in the manner he attempted with ours. And....what about the agency that continues to employ such a man, with his long history of abusing his power? That is another problem that must be looked into.

Furthermore, where I live, making a false report to CPS is a felony. I intend to pursue the malicious caller and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. My family has been disrupted, my children have been traumatized. All for no good reason. Because someone lied. I have done nothing to anyone that would merit such a malicious act, but even if I had, what sort of person would take it out on innocent children? A very sick and sadistic one. My children will be a long while in recovering from the anxiety and stress caused by this incident, which is made evident in a multitude of ways every day. For example, one of my children, after YEARS of dry nights, has suddenly become a bed wetter, while another, who is typically well adjusted and self assured, is fearful every time I leave her sight.

This type of abuse of the CPS system, unfortunately, is quite common these days, with a full 80 percent of hotline calls found to be false. Abuse by the CPS system is also very common...just google CPS abuse of power and you'll be reading about it for days. These are issues that desperately need to be addressed folks....for the good of us all. I'm muddling through to do what I can in my area....I'd surely appreciate any comments or advice from anyone with experience with this type of situation.

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frann said...

I hope you are able to press charges against the caller..Good Luck.

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